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  UT, AZ, ID, NV, CA, CO, OK ,WY, TX. Washington -Oregon All of the USA

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The scope of industrial site painting, preparation and coating ranges from bridges to warehouses and may include aggressive surface preparation techniques and specialized coatings. Often times, site managers have a difficult time in obtaining qualified industrial painting and sandblasting services since the site may present complex challenges that disqualify many otherwise competent providers.

After more than 25-years of experience in commercial/industrial painting and sandblasting,  situation. Our staff has decades of expertise in this sector and meeting safety and industry regulations is non-negotiable

Tank Painting

The people at Great Western Painting and Sandblasting Contractors are experts in industrial painting and sandblasting. Our references from this sector include many large corporations with manufacturing/distribution plants, water and sewerage treatment facilities, warehouses and storage facilities. Several operational highlights contribute to our qualifications and meet or exceed your protocols, these include: